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  • Date:

     March 24, 2014

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  • Task:

     core banking, payments, integration

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     Applications, Payments

Payments – from A do Z.

complete solution for domestic and foreign payments

Why Moneta?

New trends in the industry, new regulations and banking guidelines will require modernization of business processes to ensure and maintain competitiveness and profitability within an increasingly dynamic Croatian banking market. Two crucial factors for a successful banking product are its flexibility and the time required for the development of IT support.

Timely supply of quality products to market is a key factor in capturing leading market positions. The power of modern system is in production, combining, using and connecting existing functionality in a whole – services that provide better business opportunities to end-users. These services contribute to the transparency and flexibility of the banking system required to meet all the needs of the market.

Etna provides you banking product for payment (domestic and external) that can be adapted and fit seamlessly into your business. The product is based on IBM's family of middleware products (WebSphere, DB2, MQ), which is recognized as the best foundation for the banking systems of the leading Croatian and foreign banks. Along the software solution, Etna also offers analysis and redesign of business processes with a goal to provide more efficient operations, creation and use of new business opportunities. We offer support in the commercial and technological areas.

Five major features

  • Turnkey-type proven solution
  • Parametric management
  • Modular and flexible system
  • Flexible development team for banking and information technology
  • customization and deployment up to 6 months


of all active accounts in the Public Registry of Accounts is in Moneta.

BKS 1%




RBA 10%

  • BKS1%
  • HYPO9%
  • RBA10%
  • ERSTE10%
  • PBZ18%
  • ZABA23%
  • Others29%
  • 2006First foreign exchange transaction
    On April 10, 2006 the first foreign exchange transaction was conducted through the application Moneta.
  • 2005BKS
    Production work of Moneta in BKS bank for domestic currency payments began in February 2005, for foreign currency payments in December 2007.
  • 2003HAAB
    Production work of Moneta began in March 2003 in Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank, Zagreb.
  • 1999First domestic transaction (RBA)
    Moneta is in production environment from the first day of the beginning of the Croatian Large Value Payment System (RTGS / RTGS), April 6, 1999, Raiffeisenbank Austria, Zagreb.