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Quality Assurance (QA) is a process of continual product evaluation and verification. QA team is positioned halfway between the customer and the software manufacturer. Our team will ensure that the customer receives the product they want, and that the manufacturer delivers the product it should deliver.

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Every IT system requires care – constant support, upgrades and proactive problem solving. The maintenance of software systems consists of all modifications with a goal to the correction of errors, increases in performance and functionality enhancements.

Regular maintenance – preventive and corrective – will ensure longer life of your system.
Trends in the market are rapidly changing from day to day. Employee education, be it end-user or IT staff, is an important investment in the future for companies and institutions of any size.

Respond to market changes – correctly and timely.
There is a noticeable trend of reduced volume of business based on the physical, paper documents, but also to unstructured digital documents. Modernize your business in the right way that will bring you the benefits of the modern era – systematization, analysis and reporting.

Your step into the 21st century.
Business processes grow for years, and over time can become very complex. By understanding your problems and needs, we will help you in optimizing your business processes – minimizing complexity and increasing efficiency.

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IBM InfoSphere Guardium
We offer IBM InfoSphere Guardium Data Protection implementation. The system has been successfully implemented in several systems for our customers.

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