IBM InfoSphere Guardium


IBM InfoSphere Guardium products provide a simple and robust solution for preventing unauthorized access or modification of data. They ensure the integrity of data in the data center and automate compliance control.

The solution is designed to ensure continuous monitoring of data access to business databases, shared files and big-data environments. In addition, they can help in the implementation of policies to secure access to sensitive data through a scalable platform.

Centralized audit repository is designed to increase safety. In combination with an integrated application that automates workflow for ensuring compliance, provides maximum simplification to process of compliance enforcement.

Activity monitoring and data access protection
  • Automatic database location and classification of sensitive information
  • Monitoring end user activities of accessing data indirectly through applications
  • Monitoring and policy enforcement, including access to sensitive data and changes to the database
  • Creating a centralized audit repository for a large number of heterogeneous systems and databases
  • Automate the entire compliance auditing process, including the creation and distribution of reports, as well as comments and signatures
Securing the databases
  • Automatic detection of database vulnerability and errors in configuration
  • Configuration locking after implementing the recommended changes
  • Discovering existing roles for data access and automatic allocation of adequate rights
  • Low system load and minimal impact on performance
InfoSphere Guardium is characterized by scalability and ease of use. The solution can be configured to operate on a single data repository or on multiple heterogeneous data sources. It is possible in a simple way to add new features even after the installation.